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May 18, 2023Liked by Maybe: Tyler

Much to say on this opus. But I will try to stick to the things that really jump out from memory now.

1. Very glad to see you find your love again. I still have one of your images framed on my wall, and I really loved cities and citizens. I think, for some people the logic of all this work doesn't make sense, but the feelings do. I'm personally glad you went back to your fuji and rekindled your passions.

2. I literally could not object or disagree with the entire zoomer take on public spaces. It is NOT an offense to have your photo taken. It is not an intrusion or violation and anyone who thinks it is needs some real problems to deal with. People have gone off the deep end of individuality and gross selfishness to the point of it being nearly disgusting. Combine that with all the sensitive couching you did about peoples right to not feel infringed upon in any way and well, I just flat out disagree with all of it. It's bullshit. We long ago surrendered the lands to corporate interests, we along ago surrendered our rights and our privacy and if you can stand there with a straight face and tell a photographer who is trying to find some romance in the banality of city life, trying to help build an identity for a time and place, trying to make memories--which one hopes will be loved by the very same residents later, is some kind of violation well, I'm not hearing it. Some people's jobs are to be offended, put up on, aggressed, and violated by the very existence of other. There is no saving those souls and I refuse to allow them to come between me and work I think matters when documenting life. Does this mean we need to be assholes? no. But we need to hold the line at the very least and push back against the encroachment against the entirely harmless act of taking photos.

3. that kubrick shot is everything i wish my work could be but never will be. because i am of the age of the jogging pant, the cell phone, the mask. The cheap glass and steel facade. the ugly EV cars.

I had more, but sadly I'm all pissed off again about the whole "I'm trying to be the nicest human to everyone and when they shit on me it makes me question my entire existence" line of thinking, which we've discussed at length. You sir, need more play in your life. you need more jokester energy.

We all end up waste products. Even those who are finest among us, who are nicest, most law abiding, most sensitive to the ridiculous needs of ridiculous people. only some of us will leave some work hopefully worth looking at behind us.

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