Nostalgia Kills (NK) is an online blog and newsletter that contains a mix of personal and critical essays. A common theme to this publication is nostalgia, especially in the personal essays, with an awareness of its limitations. NK is firmly embedded within a leftist perspective, and critical analyses often deal with topics in urbanism, environmentalism, pop culture, and social justice. If that sounds cool, feel free to subscribe to keep up and get notified of new posts in your inbox.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Tyler! I hold a degree in human geography from the University of Alberta and have also been a photographer since 2009. I’m interested in the way that place meshes with memory and consider myself a documentarian of sorts. I’m also nostalgic to a fault, while there’s a great heap of structural injustices I get passionate about, including the housing crisis, crumbling healthcare systems, rising inequality, and ecological degradation. All of these things inform my writing.

I also have a separate Substack called Memories of Geographies, which is a bare-bones photo blog that you can also check out and subscribe to if that’s your thing. It can be viewed here.

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A mix of personal and critical essays that looks at the intersection of place and memory alongside analyses of urbanism, environmentalism, pop culture, and social justice.


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Geographer, leftist, urbanist, chronic pain sufferer, recovering photographer, alleged writer, fan of dill pickle chips. Nostalgia Kills - writing / Memories of Geographies - photography